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Douglas Window & Door wants our customers to have the knowledge required to make a smart window purchase they can feel confident about.


4 Steps to the Perfect Window


  •     Window Buyer’s Guide


    Ask yourself a few questions: Do I want my windows to tilt in for easy cleaning?


    Do I want one pane to open or both panes to open? Top to bottom or side to side?


    There are many different window styles to choose from!


  • Step 2 – WINDOW STYLE


    GLASS: Do you want a window that provides an unhindered view with clear glass? Or are you looking for a combination of natural light and privacy, which textured glass provides?


    COLOUR & TRIM FINISH: The outside of your window can be one colour and the inside another.


    Do you want a wood stain trim finish or will you be choosing one of the many vinyl colour options available?
    This colour palette is a representation and is not an exact rendering of the true Strassburger colours.

    View full Colour Palette


    Sandalwood SwatchAntique Ivory SwatchVenetian Red Slider SwatchMoonlit Moss Slider SwatchNutmeg Slider SwatchIron Mountain Slider Swatch


  • Step 3 – ENERGY & LIGHT

    a custom window with bright natural light

    Energy efficiency is built into all Douglas Windows. But the number of panes (that is, single-glazed, double-glazed, or triple-glazed), thickness and texture of the glass, and the film or coating on the glass are all factors in determining the energy efficiency or privacy of your new installation.


    For instance, do you need your windows to allow heat from the sun into your home to save on your energy bill in the winter? Or are your windows transferring too much heat in the summer, increasing your air conditioner’s burden? If privacy is important you will want to think about textured glasses or mirror tints.


    Window frame material also affects energy efficiency. Insulation-filled vinyl frames and fiberglass perform better than wood, wood-clad and uninsulated vinyl frames.


    Aluminum and steel framed windows are not energy efficient and are recommended to be replaced.




    We’re here to help! Do you have more questions and want to learn the finer details of window shopping and window care? Download our Window Buyer’s Guide. Please Contact Us for a complimentary in-home estimate with one of our project consultants, scheduled at your convenience.


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Replacement Windows In London, Ontario

Quality Windows, Lifetime Warranty, Expert Installation, Built to Last

Not all vinyl windows are created equal. Buying new vinyl windows for your home is a significant long term investment that can pay dividends through increased property value and energy savings. Like any major purchase or investment, it’s important to make your decision as informed as possible. Douglas Window & Door provides our customers with the knowledge required to make a smart window purchase they can feel confident in. Douglas Window & Door Inc.’s preferred window supplier:


Strassburger Windows London Ontario
Why do we choose Strassburger Window products? Quality, Durability and Energy Efficient. With years of experience in the window and door business we know which window suppliers are the best. We wanted a supplier who’s principles aligned themselves with our core values of providing customers high quality service and exceptional products. All of the vinyl windows we carry were made with multi-chamber PVC frames and insulating glass that provide thermal and structural performance in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. Perfect for any lifestyle, environment and architectural application. Our expert staff will make sure you make the right choice for your home and budget. Our professional installation team are all in-house, so we can ensure our exacting standards are met every time. Call the leading London, Ontario window installation team now at Douglas Window & Door and get the quality energy efficient replacement windows that you’ve always dreamed of! FREE no obligation quotes. 519-850-9170