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Our Story – The Douglas Difference


Simple, honest, professional, and easy:
custom made windows and doors in as
little as four weeks

My name is Chris George. My company is Douglas Window & Door Inc.


In 2004, I fell in love with the window business. I was working as an installer at the time, and it was the simple satisfaction of a handshake from an appreciative customer for a job well done that got me hooked. I see this business being as much about building a trusting relationship with the customer as it is everything else. At the end of the day, all a company has is its reputation. It was from this simple principle that Douglas Window & Door Inc. was born. I don’t want to just tell everyone that we’re different; we’re going to prove it!


The window industry at the time was not the kinder, gentler trade that I am happy to work in now. I learned quickly that for many it was about high-pressure sales, long drawn-out presentations, and hiring telemarketers to schedule appointments and sub-contractors to do fly-by-night work. Then there was having to collect money up front, while I hoped the installers would actually show up. These unfortunate aspects of the window business burn people out, on both sides.


Many companies aren’t interested enough in the customer, the home, or the job for that matter to give the time and attention that is deserved for such an important purchase. These companies take measurements and drop off a quote in the mail box (I guess you might get an email these days). But we will do it differently.

  • We believe the customer should have our representative’s undivided attention during every appointment
  • We believe the customer deserves a thorough explanation of all products being recommended
  • We believe the customer wants a company that understands how much they care about their home


I decided I had to sell windows and doors while putting my customers first. So I left the “industry standard” and started Douglas Window & Door Inc. The company is named after my father who is the inspiration behind my entrepreneurial spirit.


We carry only quality products and sell them to all our customers: big or small. We have the best technicians – with experience, training, and integrity – installing these products, and we sell each one custom-made to fit perfectly.


We do business the way we would want to be treated: we show up on time, give a short presentation (15 to 30 minutes long depending on your interest), provide a quote, and if you decide to honor us with your business, you will have your custom made windows and doors in as little as four weeks.

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